Meet The Doctor

Dr. Jono Reksoatmodjo


The name is Indonesian, but Dr. Jono (as he is called by patients and staff) was born in New York. His mother, also a dentist, brought the whole family to California when Dr. Jono was a mere three weeks old, to pursue her career in San Jose. She later opened her own practice in Chinatown, San Francisco, where Dr. Jono spent many after school hours, mostly reading comic books in the waiting room. Unbeknownst to her, Dr. Jono was actually observing her, absorbing her work ethics — her compassionate service to that community, where sometimes she would be paid with a cooked chicken instead of cash and developing his desire to become a dentist as well. Dr. Jono received his education from UOP School of Dentistry and graduated in 1988 after completing his undergraduate work at Davis. 2024 marks his 35th year with Felton Dental Center. Always eager to provide the latest and best dental services to his patients, Dr. Jono has continued his education by taking extensive courses in CEREC, Implant Surgery,  and BOTOX Therapy in order to offer these services to his patients.


A graduate of University of Pacific, DDS

CEREC certified dentist

Attended UC Davis undergraduate coursework 

CDA-California Dental Association

ADA- American Dental Association